The Original Stoke House

A collaboration between surf industry veterans Paul Naude and Jake Mizuno. We are Hawaii's official carrier of the Stokehouse Unlimited brands - Vissla, Amuse Society, D’Blanc & Sisstrevolution.



Located across the street from the birthplace of Surfing and the famous Duke Kahanamoku Statue, our upbeat Waikiki shop tells a story of all our brands. "We protect the waves that raised us" especially the waves where surfing began. While in the shop, enjoy the beautiful view of Kuhio Beach and embrace the birthplace of heʻenalu (surfing). Boards of Legends such as Gerry Lopez, Greg Noll, and George Downing decorate this boutique-style shop. The store creates an innovative shopping experience. Displayed upon check out is our Waikiki-exclusive Tom Blake: Famous Waterman and Engineer collection.  Stop by for an authentic in store experience that captivates the rich, innovative, and creative history of surfing!



Where artists thrive, our Kakaako Shop is located in the center of this hip district. Opening in 2017, Stoke House Kakaako was Honolulu's first official carrier of our brands. Stoke House Kaaako encompasses Vissla's Core - Creation, Innovation, & Sustainability. In shop, check out our murals and handcrafted boards by exclusive Vissla Creators and Innovators such as Danny Hess, Jason Woodside, and Thomas Campbell. You may even purchase one of these signature pieces for your-self - come cruise with us at The Original Stokehouse!